Commercial Services

Our commercial painting is high quality and our experience well suited to many styles of building. We are ready to complete your project. We work for offices, restaurants, libraries, government buildings, plazas and more.

The professionals of Done Right Service Painting will work around your schedule to deliver your project with minimum disruption for your business. And with our extensive knowledge of the available commercial coating systems in the market, we’ll help you in the selections of the best paints and protective coatings that best suited for your faculty.

We also offer a variety of color schemes that best suit the appearance of your warehouse. We know how important it is for you that your workplace is as presentable as it should be, so we can help you to choose the colors that better suit your interior office or warehouse and, of course, we work the exterior too, providing you with the best protection from bad weather and keep the building looking presentable and pretty.

Do you need more than painting at your office or warehouse?

Don’t worry, our professionals at Done Right Service Painting are ready to help you. They are the most qualified to make:

  • Carpentry and drywall repairs: as quick and professional as you need it.
  • Stain Removal: say goodbye to the stain on walls, Done Right Service Painting will be ready to remove it!